Beet Strawberry Rose (Pint)

An earthy and magical sorbet of fresh beets, rose water, apple and strawberry. *Available only in our scoop shops.

Blackberry Bake (Pint)

Blackberry Bake is the nostalgic summer flavor where memories and radiance are intertwined. Forward notes of aromatic basil and sweet, tangy blackberries are woven into our coconut-oat base with a buttery northwest summer garden shortbread cookie (think lavender, lemon balm, thyme and chamomile) that evoke sentiments of celebrating the long days of sunshine ahead. This enchanting ice cream is the embodiment of our sun’s radiant magic.

Brown Sugar Vanilla (Pint)

Ultra-luxurious Mexican vanilla seeds and pods infused into an elegant and creamy cashew-coconut-oat base.

California Cabin (Pint)

A whimsical smoked vanilla & pine ice cream with bold, delicious black pepper cardamom shortbread cookie throughout.

Chocolate (Pint)

A nostalgic, luscious chocolate ice cream sweetened only with organic dates from Coachella Valley.

Chocolate Tahini Supercookie (Pint)

A playful chocolate tahini ice cream with swirls of rich chocolate sauce and mind-blowing adaptogenic tahini super-cookie dough. *Available only in our scoop shops.

Cookie Dough (Makes 8)

Our beloved chocolate chip cookie, frozen to freshly bake at home. Bake or eat raw. Makes 8 cookies.

Jamocha Chaga Fudge (Pint)

A velvety smooth dark chocolate, coffee, and toasted almond ice cream sweetened only with the pure magic of coconut sugar and maple syrup.

Magic Sandwiches (2-Pack)

Oat milk chocolate chip cookie ice cream nestled between chocolate chip cookies, dipped in chocolate and sea salt. Pack of 2.

Mint Brownie (Pint)

A refreshing peppermint ice cream folded with our ultra-satisfying dark chocolate brownie gems and cocoa nibs.

Potato Chip Caramel Crunch (Pint)

Roasted potato chips and sea salt are blended into our coconut oat base with crispy gems of dark chocolate covered potato chip clusters and abundant ribbons of luscious golden caramel sauce throughout.

Salty Caramel Ash (Pint)

A luxurious, imaginative salted caramel ice cream blended with activated coconut charcoal and sea salt. *Available only in our scoop shops.

Strawberry Milk (Pint)

Hyper-seasonal, mouthwatering strawberry jam folded with chia seeds into a delectable strawberry coconut-oat milk base.

Summer Sangria (Pint)

Our Summer Sangria takes everything you know and love about this vibrant libation and transforms it into the dreamiest sherbet you can imagine, with Joyus n/a red wine blended with fresh organic strawberries, orange and pineapple to create the perfect summer scoop.

Supercookies & Cream (Pint)

Life-changing dark chocolate-maca sandwich cookies scattered throughout creamy, radiant, coconut-oat sweet cream ice cream.


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