The days are getting longer, the flowers are blooming, warm winds are blowing in, and springtime is almost here. So to celebrate, we made 3 sunshine-inspired flavors paired with one beloved classic, to create a gift box of high vibration.  This mouth-watering package of For the Love of Lemon, Carrot Cake, Matcha Mint, and Beet Strawberry Rose comes straight from our gardens, and ships straight to your door.  Available for a limited-time only, treat yourself to the gift of bright, fresh flavor.

*Please note - The Spring Awakening Box may only be shipped by itself with flat-rate shipping. If added to another 4 pint bundle, there will be an additional fee.* 

Flavors in the Box:

For the Love of Lemon: Lemon juice, zest, and vanilla bean ice cream folded with house-made lemon curd and chunks of lemon shortbread cookies throughout.

Carrot Cake: A creamy, caramelized carrot ice cream swirled “nuttercream” cream cheese frosting, pieces of spiced carrot cake, and pineapple-ginger jam throughout.

Mint Cookie Crunch: Our creamy and luscious mint coconut-oat base folded with chewy pieces of chocolate cookie and a swirl of magic shell. 

Beet Strawberry Rose: An earthy and magical sorbet of fresh beets, rose water, apple and strawberry.