A classic pairing in this month of love - raspberries and chocolate. This ice cream we originally developed for a collaboration with Pacific Northwest Ballet dancer James Kirby Rogers, and love it so much we are bringing it back. It is one part incredibly creamy and rich chocolate ice cream made with Spinnakers 70% Colombian cacao, and one part velvety fresh raspberry sorbet. The brightness of the Colombian cacao highlights the fresh raspberry brightness and creates a seamless journey of fruit and chocolate. It’s one of our favorites to date.

Ingredients: Chocolate Raspberry Swirl:  Chocolate Ice Cream: Coconut Milk* (Coconuts, Water), Cane Sugar*, Gluten Free Oats*, Spinnaker 70% Chocolate (Cacao, Cane Sugar*), Cocoa Butter*, Cocoa Powder*, Coconut Oil*, Sea Salt, Nutritional Yeast. Raspberry Sherbet: Raspberry Puree, Cane Sugar*, Coconut Milk* (Coconuts, Water), Cocoa Butter* Coconut Oil*, Sea Salt, Nutritional Yeast.