September Flavors

September is a magical time in the Pacific Northwest.

Summer seems to hold on for a bit longer as the feeling of change looms on the golden horizon. Our flavors this month are created to celebrate and bring solace to this transition. An ice cream made from a late summer Washington berry, a scoop with a chickpea miso caramel swirl, and our take on a classic gelato. Welcome, September.



Freckled Tahini Fudge: A creamy tahini ice cream is swirled with sweet & salty tahini fudge pieces and freckled with chips of rich Theo chocolate.

Miso Moon: A creamy coconut and oat milk ice cream with miso oat cookie crumbles and a gooey miso caramel sauce swirled throughout. And that’s chickpea miso! The magical juxtaposition of sweet and savory in your scoop.  

Mountain Berry Magic: The season of the glorious huckleberry is here! We honor the beauty of this tart mountain berry by using Washington huckleberries picked by hand from Foraged and Found Edibles. We create a huckleberry ice cream with swirls of gooey huckleberry jam and golden pie crust crumbles folded throughout. A scoop of this simply sings of the autumnal season approaching.

Available today through October 5th online or in our scoop shops.


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