September Flavors

As the days shorten and chilly breezes begin 

to rustle through the changing leaves, many of our daily patterns will also transition. To help ease ourselves into this natural season change, we give you our rich, buttery and oat-y September flavors.

Superbark: This ice cream is entirely sweetened with coconut sugar giving the base a delicate hint of caramel. Chunks of our *superbark*, a pumpkin seed and toasted millet dark chocolate bark, add a bit of crunchy bite to every scoop. 

Miso Moon: A Frankie & Jo’s favorite flavor. This creamy oat and coconut milk ice cream is abundant with ooey, gooey swirls of chickpea miso caramel AND perfect chunks of chickpea miso oat cookie crumble. The magical juxtaposition of sweet and savory in your scoop.  
All The Trees: Autumn encapsulated in a scoop. Apple, pecan, bay, coconut, and cacao are all the trees represented in this Frankie & Jo’s fall favorite ice cream. A rich house-made apple butter is swirled into a bay leaf ice cream then sprinkled with “buttery” pecan shortbread cookies.

All three flavors are available in our scoop shops and online for nationwide shipping today through October 1.


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