October Flavors

For the month of October, we are taking a journey into the celestial space of dreams. In partnership with Stephanie Gailing, astrologer and author of her new book, The Complete Book of Dreams. 


"This month is capped off by an illumination-inspiring Blue Moon, offers us myriad opportunities to access powerful insights that can enhance our well-being. One way we can connect to greater clarity, and live our lives with more confidence and consciousness, is to turn to the wisdom inherent in our dreams. Under the Night Sky, as sleep showers us with renewal, our Dream State offers us a landscape that unearths buried treasures of stellar awareness."
- Stephanie Gailing 



Our ice creams, inspired by the night sky and the two full moons in October, truly take us to the magical world of the deep dream state. 


Blue Moon: An homage to the Blue Moon occurring on October 31, this playful blue chamomile-infused ice cream reminds us to engage with the energy that accompanies a full moon. Dyed blue with spirulina, swirled with vanilla lavender marshmallow fluff and sprinkled with pieces of soft, chewy mochi pillows, this ice cream is light and nostalgic yet dreamy and complex.
Dream State: This ultra-creamy pistachio ice cream is truly a dream come true. Rich in melatonin and nutrients that may enhance our sleep and dreams, pistachios are the star of this salty, nutty coconut-oat base. To finish, we sprinkle in pieces of salty pistachio almond fudge throughout.
Night Sky: When the sky turns dark, and the stars reveal themselves, the illumination of dreams occur. We’ve created the darkest chocolate ice cream swirled with dark chocolate sauce and perfectly chewy chocolate cookies which embodies that dark night sky, the perfect canvas for your dreams. 


Find Stephanie's book available everywhere on October 20th. 

All three flavors are now available for nationwide delivery and in our Seattle scoop shops in scoops and pints through November 3rd. 


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