November Flavors

This month Frankie & Jo’s turns five.

Wow - what a journey it has been. As we reflect on all the big and little moments that brought us here, we are filled with gratitude. Year after year we are continuously overwhelmed with our customers’ loyalty and support of our mission. We are excited for what is to come in our next trip around the sun, but first, we want to give back to you. So, this month will be packed with surprises *for you* starting with our incredibly magical seasonal flavor lineup: Birthday Supercake with flower sprinkles, our spin on a pumpkin ice cream, and an irresistible cardamom pear flavor. Let the celebration begin!


ALL THE SQUASH: This ultra-creamy squash ice cream is back and made with organic kabocha squash from Boldly Grown Farm located in the Skagit Valley. Sweetened with just coconut sugar and folded with chewy pieces of house-made spiced pepita blondies, this scoop will satisfy all your pumpkin cravings. 

BIRTHDAY SUPERCAKE: In honor of our 5th birthday we are celebrating with our most decadent chocolate ice cream yet. This alternatively sweetened ice cream has generous pieces of fluffy supercake that are made with superfoods chaga and maca and covered in chocolate buttercream frosting in every bite. For extra birthday magic, we add a dash of dried flower sprinkles on top of every scoop!

CARDAMOM PEAR PIE: This cozy cardamom ice cream will be your new favorite holiday sidekick at the dessert table. Creamy oat and coconut milks are infused with cardamom and vanilla bean then layered with bites of flaky pie crust pieces and golden swirls of local pear apple butter. 


Available today in our scoop shops until November 30th. Don't miss out on our new *Magic Hour*! Monday through Thursday from 4-6pm get 10% off scoops, cones, & toppings or double your loyalty points on pint purchases. 

Available online for nationwide delivery also until November 30th. Place an order here.


  • Randy

    Are any of your 3 November specials gluten free?

  • Vicki

    Yum!! Seasonal flavors sound so good!! Happy Birthday: I’m glad you were born!

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