May Flavors

This is the 4th year in a row 

we have celebrated our neighbors to the South with an entire month inspired by the beautiful food that comes from its soil. Mexico is rich in culture, agriculture, tradition, and food, and our hope is to bring some of our favorites to life. We have partnered with a woman-owned vanilla farmer for years now, Gaya, and their beans are in Veracruz Vanilla. We love the flavor of masa and use Masienda masa to support Oaxacan masa farmers. And the feeling of walking on the beach, with coffee in hand inspired our Mexico Morning, a coffee ice cream with pieces of almond shortbread throughout. We hope you enjoy this little journey with us this month!



Chocolate Masa Cookie: A creamy, alternatively sweetened chocolate ice cream with chewy pieces of blue masa chocolate cookie bits, made with Masienda’s masa harina. Swirls of dark caramel sauce and pepita seeds are sprinkled throughout for a crave-able crunch and a buttery-sweet finish.

Mexico Morning: You asked and we answered: our famous coffee ice cream has returned! In this coconut-oat milk ice cream, we steep Canyon Coffee and true cinnamon sticks for some jazz. Swirls of dulce de leche and the chewiest almond shortbread cookie chunks finish this fan favorite.

Veracruz Vanilla: Both vanilla bean and vanilla extract shine in this beloved flavor. We use vanilla grown by Gaya Farms, a woman-owned farm in Veracruz. Fun, little-known fact - did you know vanilla is native to Mexico? A coconut-oat vanilla ice cream is swirled with vanilla caramel and chunks of brown sugar blondie. For this fan favorite, we shine a light on vanilla’s native country of Mexico. We blend Mexican grown vanilla beans and extract from Gaya Foods into our coconut and oat milk base which is swirled with vanilla caramel & chunks of the chewiest brown sugar blondie pieces. 

All three flavors are now available today through May 31st. You can find them in our scoop shops or for nationwide delivery.


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