May Flavors

Every year in May we celebrate the beauty of Mexico

and it’s incredible foods. Our flavors this month highlight vanilla beans, masa harina, papayas, mangoes, & chiles all from Mexico. 

This month we are bringing back two of our May favorites, Fruta & Veracruz Vanilla, and one new flavor, Chocolate Masa Cookie. Fruta is inspired by the bounty of fresh fruit stands on the streets of Mexico that are filled with native fruits like mangos, papayas, and chilies. Veracruz Vanilla proudly puts our women-led vanilla vendor, Gaya Foods, on glorious display as we use their vanilla beans to make the creamiest ice cream and caramel swirls. 


Chocolate Masa Cookie is an alternatively sweetened chocolate ice cream cradled in our first ever chocolate cookie made with masa harina - a corn dough from beloved masa producer, Masienda

1% of every pint and scoop of our May flavors will be donated to El Cento de la Raza. An organization in Seattle whose mission is to organize, empower, and defend the basic human rights of our most vulnerable and marginalized populations and to bring critical consciousness, justice, dignity, and equity to all the peoples of the world.


Read full flavor descriptions below. 



Chocolate Masa Cookie: A creamy, alternatively-sweetened chocolate ice cream with chewy pieces of our first ever chocolate masa cookie made with Masienda’s masa harina. Swirls of our caramel sauce are layered with toasted pepita seeds for that added crunch and buttery sweetness. 


Fruta: Ripe mango and papaya are blended with pineapple juice and swirled with house-made chamoy, a fermented dipping sauce inspired from Mexican cuisine, made from mango, papaya flesh & seeds, pasilla chiles, and lime juice. Refreshing with the perfect amount of subtle spice!

Veracruz Vanilla: For this flavor, we are shining a light on vanilla’s native country of Mexico. Our founder Autumn Martin journeyed down to Veracruz to visit Gaya Foods in 2018, Mexico’s largest vanilla grower. We blend their vanilla beans and extract into our coconut and oat milk base which is swirled with vanilla caramel & chunks of the chewiest brown sugar blondie pieces. 


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