May Flavors

Let’s face it, we are all itching for summer!

So, of course we can’t help but dream of sitting with our toes in the warm sand on a beach in Mexico, exploring the dry deserts of Baja where agave and cacti fruit grows, wandering the bustling streets of villages in the mountains with smells of rich spices and produce wafting from market stalls, and the list can go on. Who’s with us?


Fruta: Inspired by the satisfying, juicy, fruit stands of summer, we blended ripe mango and papaya with pineapple juice and swirled with house-made chamoy, a fermented condiment from Mexico made from mango, papaya flesh & seeds, pasilla chiles, and lime juice. Refreshing with the perfect amount of spice!

Mexico Morning: This is our third year bringing back this fan favorite! The F&J take on dirty horchata ice cream, we steep Mexican coffee from Canyon Coffee and true cinnamon sticks in our coconut & cashew milk base. To finish, we swirl dulce de leche throughout and mix in the chewiest almond shortbread cookie chunks.

Veracruz Vanilla: Some of you might remember the story we told last year of one of our co-owner’s, Autumn Martin, who journeyed down to Veracruz to visit Gaya Foods, Mexico’s largest vanilla grower. There she learned of the women - lead farm and how extremely delicate the process of harvesting vanilla is. We fell in love with Gaya foods and their vanilla so much we made an ice cream dedicated to them. For this delicious ice cream, we blend their vanilla beans and extract into our coconut milk base which is swirled with vanilla caramel & chunks of the chewiest brown sugar blondie pieces.

All three flavors are available in scoops and pints starting today through the beginning of June at both scoop shops. They are also available for nationwide shipping, order your box today!


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