March Flavors

Welcome, March.

A month where we are leaning into the promise of Spring, soon upon us. While it may be on the horizon, we are still savoring the last of the cozy winter evenings. Our three new seasonal flavors this month reflect the approach of spring with much-anticipated flora like fresh mint leaves, stinging nettle, and local rhubarb.



Chocomint Crunch: A super creamy and rich dark chocolate ice cream steeped with fresh mint leaves. We sprinkle in bite-sized pieces of crispy-crunchy chocolate cookies, baked with cocoa nibs and the right amount of salt. A very nostalgic flavor that is sure to transport you to sunny herb garden days. 

PNW Cabin: We love our California Cabin flavor, and thought it time to celebrate our neck of the woods with PNW Cabin. Spring is almost here, the nettles are popping up, you are sitting in a cozy cabin in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by stunning evergreens and emerging forest foliage. We use PNW hazelnuts in the nettle-infused ice cream, swirled with hazelnut blondies and a truly zingy douglas fir caramel sauce. The best of the PNW spring. 


Rhubarb Yuzu Yogurt: The return of an F&J spring favorite! We roast beautiful dark ruby Richter Farms rhubarb and blend it with house-fermented coconut yogurt and fresh yuzu citrus juice to create a tangy, silky-smooth frozen yogurt that we know you love, year after year. 

Available today in our scoop shops until April 5th.

Available online for nationwide delivery until April 5th.  Place an order here.


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