March Flavors

The arrival of Spring is here which means brighter and warmer days are upon us.

To celebrate, we will indulge in the lighter side of the ice cream spectrum, creating two delicious sherbets and dropping the long-awaited release of our newest and most improved version of tahini chocolate. We will indulge in the benefits of superfoods like zingy fermentations of seasonal fruits & vegetables and the healthy rituals of adaptogens in our flavors this month - we can’t wait to see you!



Kombucha Creamsicle: We followed our gut on this flavor. Using Health-Ade’s small batch Blood Orange-Carrot- Ginger kombucha and galangal, a Thai-ginger root, we created a zingy probiotic sorbet which is then swirled with a sweet cream ice cream for the creamiest plant-based nostalgic treat!

Chocolate Tahini Supercookie: Introducing the long-waited improved tahini chocolate, now named Chocolate Tahini Supercookie! An ultra-creamy chocolatey tahini ice cream with swirls of rich chocolate sauce and generous chunks of our house made adaptogenic tahini super-cookie dough.

Rhubarb Yuzu Yogurt: We roast fresh, local rhubarb and blend it with a house-fermented coconut yogurt and fresh yuzu citrus juice to create a tangy, silky-smooth frozen yogurt.

All three flavors are available in scoops and pints starting today through the beginning of April at both scoop shops. They are also available for nationwide shipping, order your box today!


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