June Flavors

Summer is here 

and we are kicking it off with our version of ice cream classics. Every June, we start the summer season with our take on some of ice cream’s most nostalgic flavors without using any animal products or gluten. We hope these new traditions will create memories that you can continue to cherish and ice cream you can feel good about eating.  



Cookie Milk: We want this ice cream to evoke the feeling of dipping a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie into a cold glass of (oat) milk. This flavor calls back to childhood memories with plenty of those beloved chocolate chip cookie dough bites folded into an ice cream that has been blended with freshly baked cookies. Welcome to your new favorite cookie dough ice cream.

Mint Chip: We love putting our spin on classic ice cream traditions. So, this ultra-creamy cool mint ice cream is not only freckled with dark chocolate but colored that nostalgic green color with spirulina - a superfood form of blue-green algae. Plant magic embodied!

Rocky Road: Our version of one of the best ice creams of all time. A super chocolaty ice cream with bits of roasted walnut and perfect pillows of vegan marshmallows, which our Culinary Director, Amy perfected. A classic done so right.

All three flavors are now available today through July 5th. You can find them in our scoop shops or for nationwide delivery.


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