June Flavors

At Frankie & Jo’s we see a future that is less dependent on animals

as our food source, both in our everyday lives and our beloved traditions. We acknowledge that food is one of the deepest ways we experience tradition, and therefore a meaningful vehicle for change. 

This June, we pay homage to the ice creams we all know and love from our childhood, those undeniably delicious classics, minus the dairy and gluten. We hope they bring you that nostalgic magic we all love and crave.



Butter Pecan: And you know we mean plant butter! Developing new takes on well-loved flavors is such a fun challenge and we couldn’t resist making our own version of this ice cream classic. It has everything you know and love about a Butter Pecan ice cream -- a rich, creamy, slight-buttery ice cream speckled with the perfect sized pieces of pecans. You will want to stock your freezer full of this before the month is over.

Cookies & Cream: Can you get any more classic? We spent months testing this recipe and after many "almosts", are proud to say we have perfected our version of this beloved ice cream. A velvety, creamy vanilla ice cream is mixed with you know it, those chocolate cream-filled cookies (which we make of course). 

Harvey Strawberry Milk: To celebrate Pride month, we are bringing back your favorite, for the fourth season in a row. Local Hayton Farm strawberries are blended into our coconut and oat milk base, with chia seeds and house-made strawberry jam swirled throughout. We dedicate this flavor to Harvey Milk and all the incredible work & hope he brought to all people. We will donate 5% of HSM sales to the Harvey Milk Foundation the month of June.


Order all three flavors now for nationwide delivery or visit a scoop shop!


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