July Flavors

July is officially summertime in Seattle 

and our flavors this month are inspired by the bounty from our local farmer’s markets. Hyper-seasonal fruits that are ripe and ready in the Pacific Northwest are the stars of these July seasonals: juicy cherries, plump blueberries, and colorful strawberries and tomatoes. Get ready for a sun-soaked, flavor-packed, and brightly-colored month of ice cream eating. 



Pickled Blueberry: Salty and sweet, tart and tangy, pickled blueberries are our jam! We love Bow Hill blueberries, who grow both heirloom and classic varieties organically in the Skagit Valley, and are proud to use their perfectly ripe berries in this magical ice cream. Pickled blueberry coconut oat ice cream swirled with pickled blueberry jam and crispy crunchy pieces of tarragon pie crust - YES.

Strawberry Tomato: We love putting vegetables in our ice cream, but do you know tomatoes are actually a fruit!? Paired perfectly with strawberries, you will love this ice cream if you like the savory/sweet spectrum. Fresh, local tomato and strawberry jam is swirled throughout a sun-dried tomato ice cream - equally delicious and curious.

Summer Sundae: You know the sundae - cherry ice cream topped with cherry pie filling, chocolate sauce, and chewy-gooey brownie pieces…this is that (kind of) but in a scoop. A gorgeous fresh cherry and roasted beet ice cream with our beloved brownie pieces and jewels of magical stewed cherries throughout. 

All three flavors are now available today through August 2nd. You can find them in our scoop shops or for nationwide delivery.


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