January Flavors

Hello 2021, we are so happy you are here!

We are welcoming the new year the best way we know how, with three incredibly delicious ice creams that are completely sweetened by dates, coconut sugar, and maple syrup. We love creating ice creams at Frankie & Jo’s that are sweet, creamy, and satisfying while also being a mindful choice for your body. 


BANANA BREAD: An ultra-creamy coconut oat milk ice cream that is blended with ripe, roasted bananas and swirled with gooey house-made roasted date caramel. Each bite tastes like freshly baked banana bread slathered in creamy butter. 

CHOCOLATE SUPERCAKE: The most decadent chocolate ice cream with generous pieces of fluffy supercake, made with superfoods chaga and maca, covered in plant-based chocolate buttercream frosting. We promise you, this flavor will blow your mind. 

TOCOCCINO: Rise & Shine! Back for the second time, this creamy coffee ice cream that is sweetened only with coconut sugar and maple syrup. For an extra creamy boost, we add tocos powder, a healthy source of Vitamin E, with swirls of dulce de leche and pieces of our house-made ground espresso bean chocolate bar.


All three flavors are now available in our scoop shops for walk in or pre-order and online for nationwide delivery. 


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