Golden Milk is back!

GOLDEN MILK IS BACK but it has a new look and taste.

This is our updated version of the delicious, calming and medicinal beverage we know and love, rooted in Ayurvedic tradition. A super creamy oat and coconut milk base is infused with turmeric, ginger and other warming spices, and is speckled with gems of supercookie dough made with more turmeric and Moon Juice vegan collagen powder. Simple, beautiful, and calming. 

We interviewed Founder and co-owner, Autumn Martin, about the reasoning behind our reimagining of this flavor and why we decided to “set the sun” on our original Gingered Golden Milk. Read below.

Q: Why did you change the original Gingered Golden Milk? 

A: While the original Gingered Golden Milk(GGM) was a favorite for many customers, it wasn’t holding up to our standards of quality any longer. We have learned so much over the years in how to make the creamiest plant-based ice cream, and the GGM had a tendency to get icy, and was just unstable in general, so it was time to apply what we have learned to make a better ice cream. Also, the original version was made with fresh turmeric root, which lended a savory quality to the flavor, and I imagined something that was more reminiscent of a golden milk latte - slightly sweeter and creamier. At F&J we are committed to always learning and growing, so it’s only natural that our favorite flavors evolve with us. 


Q: What was the process like when we made this decision?

A: We have a solid creative team and process, where we all bring ideas to the table, and work through as a team what sticks and what we pass on. I think part of us was ready to move on from GGM, and develop something entirely new, and another part of us loved the idea of keeping GGM and just reinventing it. Ultimately, I believed it could be better and improved, so our culinary director began the work of turning the vision into something we could taste and feel really good about. 


Q: Can you describe the new flavor for us?

A: The new Golden Milk is first of all noticeably creamier, with less of a turmeric root-forward first impression, and more of a melange of warming spices that give a feeling of sipping a warm golden milk latte. The turmeric is still there of course, as it’s the star in golden milk, but it is in good company with the right balance of black pepper, cinnamon, and fresh ginger. Then these little gems of turmeric sugar cookie dough give pops of sparkly texture and define even further that spiced turmeric flavor we love. I think our fans will love this new evolved Golden Milk flavor, even if it is pretty different from our OG version.

Order for a national delivery now or visit a Seattle scoop shop to try it!


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