February Flavors

After many years of developing flavors with vegetables and fruits,

we have never dedicated an entire month to citrus! It always takes a complementary side seat to chocolate, other fruits, or spices but we have finally developed three stunning flavors where citrus is the star of the show. Our Key Lime Tart is sweet and tangy and features tiny key limes that get used in their entirety. Blood Orange Dreamsicle is a recreation from 2017 and features a swirl of sweet cream ice cream and a blood orange juice and carrot ice cream. And, our Citrus Caramel Spice Cake is made by using zested orange in a blonde caramel with chunks of spiced chocolate cake. 


In honor of February being Black History Month, 3% of all seasonal flavor sales will be donated the following organizations, The Black Mamas Matter Alliance, Buy From A Black Women, and The Seattle BIPOC Organic Food Bank.


KEY LIME TART: A creamy coconut ice cream with thick ribbons of tangy key lime curd. To mimic the buttery crust of a tart, we crumble our crunchy maple vanilla waffle cone pieces throughout. 
CITRUS CARAMEL SPICE CAKE: In celebration of the magic that is citrus season in winter, this blonde-caramel ice cream has decadent pieces of winter spiced chocolate cake folded throughout. It’s finished by adding a swirl of zesty orange citrus caramel
BLOOD ORANGE DREAMSICLE: This is our take on the nostalgic creamsicle pops of our youth. The ice cream is swirled with two parts: a salted sweet cream and a creamy blood orange. This was one of our first seasonal ice creams we tried in early 2017 and we loved reviving and improving it again four years later. 


If you live in Seattle, all three flavors are available for walk-ins or place an order for pre-order pickup from our scoop shops. 


If you live outside of Seattle, you can place an order to be shipped directly to you. Order here. 


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