February Flavors

In the last month before spring, our February seasonals are all about getting warm and cozy with cookies, cake and candy made our way.

Perfectly golden cane sugar-free chocolate chip cookies, gluten-free decadent ganache-covered cake, and spicy caramelized vegan sugarcomb candy are all three of the decadent inclusions in this month’s seasonals.


RGE COOKIES + CREAM: Our creamy date shake ice cream swirled with dark chocolate magic shell and chunks of chewy chocolate chip cookies. The deconstructed version of the famous cane sugar, gluten, and soy free ice cream sandwich we created last year with beloved local registered dietitian, Rachael Devaux. 
CHOCOLATE SPICY SUGARCOMB: An 85% dark chocolate ice cream with a little kick from ribbons of sticky cayenne pepper sugarcomb folded throughout.
VELVET HEARTBEET: This is our third year in a row bringing this February favorite back. We combine roasted red beets and medicinal hawthorn berries into a beautiful pink ice cream that is studded with pieces of rich chocolate ganache layer cake.

All three flavors are available in scoops and pints starting today through the beginning of February at both scoop shops. They are also available for nationwide shipping, order your box today!


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