Celebrating Earth Day

Never has focusing on and committing to a more sustainable, earth-friendly, plant-based lifestyle been more important than it is now.

In a world ever more affected by climate change, poor-quality food and eating habits, and unsustainable practices across many industries, we at Frankie & Jo’s are devoted to fostering and promoting a cleaner, more eco-friendly way of living and eating.


We’re seeing this devotion through in several ways. We recently partnered with JUNGMAVEN in designing our new hemp t-shirts. JUNGMAVEN is a fantastic local clothing company dedicated to increasing the awareness and use of hemp in the clothing industry. Hemp has been used to make fabrics for thousands of years; it’s lightweight, it’s stronger than cotton, and it’s much more eco-friendly and sustainable to grow. It requires less water and land to grow than cotton, and while the cotton industry makes up a hefty percentage of global pesticide usage, hemp requires no pesticides whatsoever.

Continuing in our focus on hemp as a more sustainable option, our April seasonal flavor Tend the Terra utilizes hemp milk, resulting in a creamy, earthy ice cream that is to die for, and that you can feel good about eating! We make the hemp milk in house, mixing it with coconut milk and swirling in mouthwatering rhubarb caramel and cocoa nibs for a delicious and nutritious ice cream. Hemp is a fantastic source of protein, as well as essential fatty acids and a whole host of vitamins and minerals. Not only is hemp great for the Earth, but it’s great for your body as well!

Our other two April flavors, Spring Thyme and Golden State, also feature a focus on sustainability. For the lemons used in Spring Thyme, we partnered with Imperfect Produce, a company that purchases and sells the less aesthetically pleasing but otherwise perfectly tasty and nutritious produce that farms and supermarkets would normally throw out, reducing food waste and passing on the savings to their customers. For Golden State, we saved the orange rinds leftover in the production of our March flavor Kombucha Creamsicle and upcycled them into a tangy and sweet marmalade that goes perfectly in the rich and creamy ube ice cream. And as always, all the nut/seed milk we use in our ice creams are made in house, which means we can ensure every last drop is clean, fresh, sustainably sourced, and most important, delicious! Do not miss out on these incredibly creative flavors. They will be available in our scoop shops & online until April 30th!
At Frankie & Jo’s, we believe that cultivating a more plant-based lifestyle is vital not only for our individual health and wellness, but for the health and wellness of our planet. The cattle and dairy industries are two of the worst offenders when it comes to climate change, contributing heavily to deforestation, the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, water shortages, excessive pesticide use, excessive use of antibiotics, the list goes on and on. If we as a society could significantly cut back on our consumption of and dependence on animal products, and if we could use more sustainably grown plants like hemp, the effect on the environment would be profound and immediate. 

With our delectable, creamy, decadent ice cream, we at Frankie & Jo’s are proving that living healthy and saving the Earth doesn’t have to come at the cost of the delicious foods that we all love!
Today, Earth Day, we are donating 5% of all our sales to the PCC Farmland Trust, whose mission is to protect and steward threatened farmland in Washington. 

Will you join us? 


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