December Flavors

Hello, December. 

As we close out another year, we created these nostalgic flavors to pair with crackling fireside chats and festive holiday gatherings. Creamy hot cocoa with whipped marshmallows, a cold glass of spiced eggnog, and a thick slice of a decadent chocolate holiday cake will bring you and your loved ones brilliant memories filled with wintertime joy.



Oatnog: Who needs egg with their nog? A velvety oat and coconut milk ice cream is infused with warming spices of cinnamon and nutmeg. A perfect pairing with a slice of holiday pie or eaten directly from the pint. 


White Chocolate Peppermint: Inspired by memories of creamy hot cocoa with fluffy marshmallows on a crisp winter day. Vegan white chocolate from Theo Chocolate and peppermint ice cream is swirled with pink marshmallow fluff and our peppermint cookie dough bites. This flavor has become a December Frankie & Jo’s classic. 

Winter Solstice Cake: Inspired by the classic swiss roll known as a Yule Log, we created a luscious, creamy chocolate ice cream with swirls of rich caramel buttercream and perfectly fluffy pieces of chocolate cake. Elevated with chaga mushrooms and sweetened entirely with coconut sugar for that *extra* winter magic. 


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