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December Flavors

We are ringing in the holiday season with the return of three favorite F&J winter seasonals. 

GINGER & MOLASSES: A fresh ginger ice cream with chunks of gingerbread cookies and a generous layering of blackstrap molasses. 

CURED PERSIMMON PUDDING: Our friends at The London Plane source the ripest persimmon and turns them into Hoshigaki (a Japanese style of drying persimmons). We combine them in a dense spiced cake and then layer these pieces and ribbons of caramel into a butterscotch ice cream.

SOLSTICE: Inspired by this years solstice, we steep organic sage from Sage Wind Farms into a sea salt chocolate base. A soulful ice cream reminding us to look inward and reflect. 

All three flavors are available in scoops and pints starting today through the New Year at both scoop shops. They are also available for nationwide shipping, order your box today! 



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