August Flavors

We all need time to get away and August is the perfect month 

to hit the beach or lake before summer comes to an end. Our flavors this month are meant to take your tastebuds to a place where you can kick back and relax, wherever that may be -- a tropical locale or your sunny Seattle backyard. 



Pineapple Whip: Our version of that famous tropical dessert. We take the whole fruit of super ripe pineapples and blend it into our creamy coconut milk. The ingredients are so simple yet magically satisfying and are guaranteed to transport you. 

Salty Lime & Watermelon: A flavor that makes us want it to be summer all year long. One half is a vibrant and tart lime ice cream with subtle saltiness and one half is fresh and juicy watermelon ice cream. An entertaining twist of sour citrus and sweet summer fruit.

Tahini Banana: If you aren’t a tahini fan now, you will be after this ice cream. A silky banana ice cream is combined with the savory nuttiness of tahini. Then it is layered with a rich chocolate tahini sauce and studded with pieces of buttery walnut chocolate chip cookies. 


Available today through September 1st online or in our scoop shops.


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