August Flavors

August is a time of sweetness 

in the Pacific Northwest. It's warm, easy days slowly waning to the autumnal season soon approaching. Stone fruit trees are gracing us with so many varieties of sweet-fleshed, brilliant-skinned fruits. The berries are plentiful, brimming with antioxidants, asking to be eaten by the handfuls or in our case, paired with cream and homemade fluffy layered biscuits. We are also in a time of great uncertainty, faced with challenges that are stretching and opening our minds daily. We hope our August flavors will remind you of the sweet ways to tend to yourself and your community in this last month of the summer season – find peace in a sun-ripened plum, rejuvenation in vitamin-rich raspberries, and calm in collagen and almond butter.



Peachy Plum: This is one of the very first flavors we developed back in 2016, and is a favorite amongst our team and customers. We blend super ripe local Collins Family Orchard yellow peaches and Cloud Mountain Farm Center plums into our coconut milk base to create the perfect luscious *summer* sherbet - stone fruit at its best.

Summer Shortcake: Arguably one of summer's best and most beloved desserts. While typically made with strawberries, we actually love this shortcake with raspberries – typical is not what we do, anyway. Our biscuits are fluffy, layered, salty and buttery and are perfect with fresh Hayton Farm raspberries, made into a jam, all resting in a coconut cream ice cream.
Superbutter Blondie: An ooey-gooey almond butter ice cream with caramel swirls and pieces of chewy blondies. Adding to the magic, this ice cream is sweetened only with coconut sugar & maple syrup and has Moon Juice Vegan Collagen Protect superfood powder mixed throughout. Beauty in every bite!

Available in our scoop shops for pints, scoops and waffle cones.

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