August Flavors

It’s a warm summer day

and you’re headed to the beach, sunscreen and blanket in hand but one thing remains… snacks! Inspired by our staff’s must-have beach snacks (and let’s be honest they truly are crucial) our August flavors are packed with all things fruity, fresh, crunchy, sweet, & salty! 


Tomato Melon Mint: The return of our favorite August sherbet! We take the sweetest watermelon and the juiciest heirloom tomatoes and blend them into our organic coconut milk base. To finish, we chiffonade fresh mint leaves and sprinkle throughout creating an insanely creamy & refreshing scoop.
Captain Whidbey Caramel Cookie Crunch: One ticket to Whidbey Island please! Captain Whidbey is a historic inn on Whidbey Island that was so impeccably and tastefully renovated this last year by our friends and new owners, Matt and Mike French. In partnership with them, we created a flavor that evokes memories of salty summer days at the beach, all the snacks in tow. A rich and decadent caramel ice cream base with chewy, salty, chocolatey, crunchy potato chip cookie bites and a gooey caramel swirl. For the weekend of August 23 - 25, join us seaside on the Captain Whidbey dock for a three days of sunshine & scoops! Follow along @frankieandjos for more details. 
Berries & Fermented Cream: One part vegan creme fraiche ice cream made from our own fermented cashew milk plus one part triple berry coconut milk ice cream swirled with our house-made berry jam and almond flour lemon cake pieces. AKA your new obsession. 

All three flavors are available in scoops and pints starting today through the beginning of August at both scoop shops. They are also available for nationwide shipping, order your box today!


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