April Flavors

What more could we need than *comfort and familiarity* 

during a time filled with so much uncertainty?! For this month's flavors, we will be bringing back three of our greatest hits from 2019. But first, a moment of honesty. Two weeks ago, we had three completely different flavors developed for you, but made a pivoting decision for this launch to have flavors you’ve enjoyed before. 

CARAMEL COOKIE CRUNCH: A favorite from summer 2019, this rich and decadent caramel ice cream base has chewy, salty, chocolatey, crunchy potato chip cookie bites and a gooey caramel swirl. 

MOLTEN CHOCOLATE CAKE: in collaboration with our co-owner, autumn martin’s other venture @getyourhotcakes, this is our version of their gooey molten chocolate cake. rich salty chocolate ice cream is layered with ribbons of magic shell, rose chocolate sauce and vegan molten cake pieces.  

SUPERBARK: this alternatively sweetened ice cream has chunks of our *superbark*, AKA a pumpkin seed and toasted millet dark chocolate bark, that adds a bit of crunchy bite to the creamy coconut sugar base.

All three flavors will be available in pints on our Frankie & Jo’s TO YOU home delivery service *only*. For nationwide delivery, place your order here


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