An interview with our friend: Aran Goyoaga

We have teamed up with our friend Aran Goyoaga again and have created an ice cream inspired by a cookie recipe in her new cookbook, Cannelle Et Vanille Bakes Simple. We had the chance to dive deeper with her, read our interview below.




What inspired you to write this second cookbook?

When I was working on my previous book, Cannelle et Vanille, I knew there were so many more baking recipes in me.his book feels like an extension of the baking and desserts chapters of that book. It was also a vessel to share a bit of my family’s pastry heritage.


What recipe are you most excited about in Cannelle Et Vanille Bakes Simple?

 I am really excited to share the enriched yeast doughs like brioche, braided challah, rhubarb-cardamom buns, but also baguettes, English muffins, cookies, cakes, and a lot of holiday recipes. I didn’t want to have any fluff so I went straight into the most requested recipes from my readers.


What other recipes would you like to see featured in a Frankie & Jo’s ice cream one day?

There is a toasted miso and plum cake that I think would be fun to play with. But honestly, my family keeps asking for the bread & chocolate ice cream we made together two years ago with my sourdough boule recipe.

What kind of ice cream would you like to see from Frankie & Jo’s next?

I am always waiting to see what you all come up with! No suggestions here, just continue with your vision. It’s working!


What is next in your culinary journey, Aran?

I have been working on baking video courses. I have offered one and it’s been very successful, and I am about to release two more. I love the on-demand class format. I am a teacher at heart. I also want to continue with my photography and hopefully begin to decipher ideas for a fourth cookbook. I love the process.


What else would you like to share?

That I am very grateful for everyone’s support, and that I hope everyone is healthy and safe. Thank you for the opportunity to share my new book!


Aran’s most recent cookbook “Cannelle Et Vanille Bakes Simple” can be pre-ordered before October 26th at Book Larder in Seattle, on Amazon, or in a number of local and nationwide book sellers.


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