October Flavors

All we can think about this month is...bread!

And not just any bread, but the best gluten-free sourdough bread we’ve ever eaten. Let us introduce one of our biggest inspirations and the creator of this bread, Seattle-based author and food stylist, Aran Goyoaga. To celebrate the release of her new cookbook, Cannelle et Vanille, our kitchen team used her recipe to bake many, many, loaves of this famous bread, and incorporated it into every single flavor this month. 


APRICOT TOAST: A cashew and coconut milk ice cream with swirls of the brightest apricot jam, made from summer’s last ripe apricots. Top your scoop with perfectly toasted gluten-free bread crumbs to reminisce on the joyous feeling of eating toast with a generous serving of your favorite jam.
BREAD & CHOCOLATE: This is our version of a classic combination. We make a chocolate bar with pieces of toasted gluten-free bread soaked in olive oil and finished with sea salt. Chunks of this crunchy chocolate bar are mixed throughout a vanilla ice cream along with a swirl of extra virgin olive oil to finish.
CINNAMON CRUNCH: This flavor screams nostalgia by reminiscing the flavor of that beloved crunchy cinnamon cereal (you know the one). A creamy cinnamon ice cream with crunchy clusters of toasted pecans and bread crumbs. You’ll come back wanting some more.


In case you didn’t get enough bread (but really is there ever enough?) you can find signed copies of Aran’s cookbook at each of our scoop shops while supplies last. With every purchase of Cannelle et Vanille made in our shops, you will receive a mini scoop on us. Cheers to a season slowed-down with baking, cooking, and ice cream eating!


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