Welcome to our new tradition of mindful ice cream.

Our Mission

For us, excellence comes from careful attention to all the details – we live and breathe the layered nuances of plant-based ice cream making so that your experience can be pure, intentional, and delicious. We are a team of people who continue to grow and work together to seek tasty and unique fruits, vegetables, plants, and trees from which to make our ice cream.



Autumn Martin and Kari Brunson together, are extremely excited to bring you a plant-based ice cream that is vegan and gluten free.

Both are steadfast and committed to mindful artistic creation of a better ice cream and excellent customer service. Frankie & Jo's wants to make a positive impact on the communities of people, animals and plants everywhere.


What is plant based ice cream?

We use ingredients that come from plants, shrubs, trees and flowers. We do not use any ingredient derived from an animal which means we are 100% vegan.

Is your ice cream vegan?

Yes! We are proud to say this is 100 % vegan ice cream.

Are your ingredients organic certified?

Most of our ingredients are coming from certified organic farms and purveyors. There may be some seasonal, local fruits and vegetables we use that don’t have an organic certification but are grown with organic practices.

What if I am allergic to nuts? Can I eat your ice cream?

Everything will be clearly labeled on our menu so that you can avoid nuts. We do our very best to make sure that there is no cross contamination, but we process everything on the same equipment so we cannot guarantee there aren’t microscopic traces of nuts in our ice cream or sorbet.

What, other than dairy, makes your ice cream different and special?

The answer to this question has many parts.

First and foremost, our ingredients and process set us apart. We love traditions of slow, simple and nutritious food. We also really, really appreciate a satisfying sweet treat. So for us, it is vital that we create an ice cream made from the most pure ingredients and process them minimally. And to protect their integrity and highlight their beauty, we keep our ingredient list short, bring out their natural flavors, and do not add any gums or other stabilizers.

Secondly, we make our own milk and bases. If we are using nut milk in the recipe, you can trust that the nut milk has been made in our kitchen from sprouted nuts and filtered water. In order to make the most delicious, nutritious and fresh-tasting ice creams, we found the only way is to make the milk a day or two before making the base and churning the ice cream immediately thereafter.

Lastly (but not least!), in a lot of our recipes, we are using alternative sugars such as dates and maple. Some of our most prized recipes are just dates, our milks and a flavor component such as cocoa or vanilla. We use organic cane sugar in the recipes that require a neutral flavor such as vanilla and believe organic cane sugar is a healthy and great sugar in moderation.

If I am paleo, fasting, or have allergies - is it safe to eat your ice creams?

Our ice creams are made from alternative ingredients meant to support a healthier lifestyle. In our shop, you will be able to choose your flavor not only by what sounds delicious, but by ingredients as well. For example: allergic to nuts? We will note which ice creams are safe for you. Not eating cane sugar? We will note which are made with cane. Vegan? Everything is 100 % vegan.

I don't live in Seattle - how can I get your delicious ice cream?

We ship nationally to the lower 48 states. On the top of our website, click the SHOP tab. You must order 4 pints of ice cream when shipping, and each box is sent 2 day air with a large block of dry ice.

Do you serve gluten free ice cream?

Yes. All of our ice cream is gluten free. And, all of the crunchy, snappy and chewy bits in the ice cream will be gluten free. Even our waffle cones don’t have gluten!

Who are Frankie & Jo?

Frankie (Frances) and Jo (Joanne) are co-owner Autumn’s late grandmothers. They were both so influential in her life that she wanted to dedicate and remember them in this way.

Does your ice cream taste good?

Of course! Autumn has been a Chocolatier and Pastry Chef for over 14 years and loves nothing more than creating the unthinkable and making it taste better than imaginable. Kari has been a professional plant-based chef for 7 years that has extensive juice-blending skills. Together they plan to change the way you think about ice cream and sorbet.

Do you have nutrition facts for your ice cream?

At this time, we do not have nutrition information for our ice cream and currently do not have plans to do so.

Do you offer catering options?

Yes! We offer 1/4 pint cups! They are perfect for birthdays, weddings, or dinner parties. Email us at hello@frankieandjos.com for pricing.