We are transitioning to 14 oz pints - insight into our process.

Dear Frankie & Jo’s customer,

Each year that passes, we are in awe at your loyalty, excitement, and support. It is because of you that we are still here, as we exist to serve our community - specifically the community of people who walk the path of an alternative diet, for one reason or another. We also serve those who enjoy eating super creamy, magical, and adventurous ice cream, regardless of what it is made from.

Thank you for your loyalty, support and patronage over the years - you make what we do possible!

We are so proud of what we create, and how we create it. We don’t often toot our own horn, but we are going to here. It’s important that we get something clear, because what we are announcing further down in this letter, rides on the shoulders of our commitment to quality and serving our community.

Do you know that we make all of our ice cream bases? From scratch, by hand, every day.

Do you know that we pasteurize our own base? Every day, by hand, in our own kitchen. 

And, do you know that we are the only ice cream company in Seattle who does this?  We do not outsource our bases, or use co-packers.

We are founded on the principle that to make something extraordinary using plant milks, it has to be done in small batches, by hand, without gums or stabilizers. We could go the standard route of contracting a larger company to pre-make our base for us, but to this we respectfully say “no thanks,” instead investing in the equipment needed to maintain our incredibly high quality and clean ingredient standards, and continue to make our own ice cream base, while keeping our prices inline with every other ice cream company in our city. 

We do not say all of this to put any other company down, but rather to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the ice cream we exist among, and give ourselves some much needed love in this current state of running a business. Because the current state of running a business is hard. We have discovered that we need to make a small change around our pint offering, in order to be able to continue to bring you ice cream and take care of our team.

Transparency is a tenet of ours, and we believe that by giving you, the customer, eyes and ears into the why of our decision making, we are living in full honesty and integrity and keeping you at the forefront of our journey.

We have noticed many national brands moving to a 14 ounce “pint” (instead of 16 ounces) to help with the rising costs of doing business. So instead of a price increase, there is a 12% decrease in the volume of ice cream that the guest is purchasing. We have seen this being done across the board with food, not just ice cream. But, we have yet to see a company announce this change. 

Well, here we are, in full transparency, announcing this change. We are moving to a 14 ounce pint of ice cream, so that we can remain in business, and not increase our pint price. 

Now, having said this, let us also say this:

Another horn toot. Our ice cream has nearly 1:1 volume to weight. So, if you buy 14 ounces of ice cream by volume, you are buying 14 ounces of ice cream by weight. This is referred to as “overrun” in the ice cream world, and we have next to none, which is unheard of. Our ice cream is the most dense (heaviest) you will find, with very little air pumped into it. This is how we like it. So, our new 14 ounce pint is actually, by weight, still heavier than some 16 ounce pints of ice cream.

Thank you for being with us on this adventure, and allowing us to be transparent with you as we change and grow. Please let us know if you have any questions, and we look forward to sharing these new and slightly smaller, but filled with just as much love, pints with you. 


The Frankie & Jo’s Team


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