We are now a B-Corp!

The vision of Frankie & Jo’s is so much greater than making ice cream

and creating a brand that people love and believe in. We want to reduce our dependence on animals for our food, our traditions, and our daily lives. We believe the word ice cream is not limited to being made with dairy from an animal. We want to use ice cream as a force for good -- to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to explore how to eat more plants. 

We believe in order to do this, we have to commit to the arduous goal of always maintaining the highest quality products and service. We have to take care of the people inside and outside of our company - tend to their inherent right to safety and love. We have to constantly innovate to be magical, to surprise and delight the human mind in this world where fast and more is our state of being, and where it’s all too easy to forget the special moments in life. In the very idea of Frankie & Jo’s, we are revolutionary - in order to make a change, we must be thinking outside of the box, practice bravery, and persevere with our vision. Purchasing from a mindful business is casting a vote for the future you want to see. We believe you can vote every day by Voting With Your Cone. When supporting Frankie & Jo’s you know that you are choosing to reduce dependence on cow’s milk, help decrease waste with our compostable and recyclable packaging, and support a company that believes in caring for their people.   

Being certified as a b-corporation is a way to hold ourselves accountable in our goals for sustainability, climate change, organic practices, supply chain practices, and tending to our team and community. 

Will you join us in our mission to radically shift the way we all think about ice cream? 


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