Vote With Your Cone

The time is now. 

Change comes from voting at the polls and with your dollars.

Tuesday, November 3rd is an important moment for action, but we believe you can vote everyday. 

What does that mean? It means your belief system and the way you allocate your money to back those beliefs can elicit change! Collectively, that will have big effects on our economy and our planet. 

Frankie & Jo’s was founded on a mission to radically shift the way you think about ice cream. Not only does this mean we create revolutionary ice creams that are made without using animal products but it means every aspect of our business challenges the norm of an ice cream shop from sustainable packaging to creating competitive living wage jobs. 

Voting With Your Cone is our way of encouraging and spreading the movement that businesses can and should be used as a force for good. Investing in businesses that care for their people, Mother Earth, and plants everywhere will create revolutionary change. 

Every decision we make as a business or you, as a consumer, is a vote for the future world we want to see.


Will you join us and #VoteWithYourCone? 
Need to register to vote? Go here.
Want to find out when you can vote early in your state? Go here. 


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