Introducing: The Heart Opening Box

Flowers and candy? Those are nice, but we have something a bit more expansive for you. This year, open your heart in gratitude with a box of sweet, indulgent plant magic.

We made 3 special flavors, paired with one beloved classic, to create a gift box of pure love and decadence. This mouth-watering package of Molten Chocolate Cake, Cherry Velvet Heartbeet, Cashew Cookie Crunch, and Brown Sugar Vanilla comes straight from our heart to yours, and ships straight to your door. Available for a limited-time only, treat a loved one - or yourself - to the gift of luxurious, delectable February flavor. 

ORDER NOW, for a limited-time.


Flavors in the 4-Pack:

Molten Chocolate Cake:  A rich and salty chocolate ice cream is layered with ribbons of crunchy magic shell, silky rose chocolate sauce, and gooey molten cake pieces throughout.

Cherry Velvet Heartbeet: Creamy coconut-oat ice cream infused with heart-opening hawthorn berries, pink cherries and fresh beets, then layered with ultra-moist chocolate eggplant cake and a swirl of dark cherry jam.

Cashew Cookie Crunch: Creamy roasted cashew ice cream with gems of crunchy vanilla and cashew butter sandwich cookies, roasted cashews, and gooey, delicious coconut dulce de leche. 

Brown Sugar Vanilla: Ultra-luxurious Mexican vanilla seeds and pods infused into an elegant and creamy cashew-coconut-oat base.




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