Superdreamsicle is here!

We love preserving fruit at its ripest, and then dropping a little surprise summer sunshine amidst the gloom of winter - and we are doing just that with this grown-up take on the nostalgic creamsicle pops of your youth. We froze perfectly ripe and juicy apricots from Rod Grams farm in Cashmere, WA, and blended them with the bright-lights of winter fruit - blood oranges from Pearson Ranch, CA. This tangy, delicious sorbet is then swirled with our beloved brown sugar vanilla ice cream, and the result is pure magic - a vibrant ray of sunshine on a winter day. This is a super-special, limited-supply flavor that’s not to be missed, so be sure to stock up now.  Available as pints and scoops in our Seattle shops starting 1/27 - and stay tuned for shipping news soon!!

Ingredients: Vanilla Swirl: Coconut milk*, cane sugar*, cashews*, cocoa butter*, gluten-free oats*, coconut oil*, brown sugar*, vanilla bean, vanilla extract, sea salt* nutritional yeast Apricot Swirl: apricot, cane sugar*, blood orange juice*, lemon juice, cherry, blood orange zest*, vanilla extract, sea salt*


Our ice cream is best eaten when softened. Place on your kitchen counter for 5-10 minutes before enjoying.


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