September Flavors

Welcoming September. 

A time of bittersweet goodbyes to long, warm summer days and tender hellos to cooler, shorter golden autumn days. 
As the days transition, so do our daily patterns. Our September flavors are created to bring solace and magic during this winsome season of change. The spiced smell of freshly made apple butter, the beloved richness of a chocolate hazelnut spread, and the ever-lasting bit of summer in tart, sweet huckleberry jam.

All The Trees: This F&J’s fall favorite is back - a celebration of trees. Apple, pecan, bay, coconut, and cacao are all the trees whose fruits, leaves, nuts and seeds are represented in this ice cream. We make a rich house-made apple butter and swirl buttery pecan shortbread cookies throughout this bay leaf ice cream to perfectly encapsulate autumn in a scoop. 

Gianduja Crunch: Inspired by the ever-delicious and beloved Italian chocolate hazelnut spread, Gianduja(pronounced “jaan-doo-ya”). We make our own gianduja using Oregon-grown Freddy Guys hazelnuts and Theo 70% dark chocolate. This luscious chocolate ice cream is perfectly balanced with a gianduja swirl and pieces of candied hazelnuts sprinkled throughout for that much desired crunch.

Mountain Berry Magic: The season of the glorious huckleberry is here! We are honoring the beauty of this tart wild mountain berry by creating a stunning huckleberry ice cream in our coconut oat base, with huckleberries from Forged and Found Edibles. With swirls of gooey huckleberry jam and golden pie crust crumbles folded throughout, a scoop of this simply sings of the magical autumnal season approaching.

All flavors available in our scoop shops and online starting today through October 7. 


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