New Year, New Superflavors - January is here!

To us, January holds a supercharged energy to start fresh, with all things anew - it's a time of creativity, community, and planting seeds from a place of beauty, brightness, and abundance. Every year we look forward to creating flavors that are not only delicious, but nourishing, inspired, and packed with superfoods and unexpected touches of magic, and 2023 is bound to be no exception. We welcome this new year with three ice creams that are super delectable, super special, and super satisfying, for your taste buds and your whole being. Introducing our SUPER series of mindful yet decadent, dazzling, and holistic flavors: Superbutter Blondie, Chocolate Almond Supercup, and Tahini Banana Superchunk.  Welcome to a Super New Year!

Superbutter Blondie To kick off all things super, we had to bring back one of our most beloved and delicious super flavors of all time - Superbutter Blondie. A creamy, rich almond butter ice cream is mixed with delicate, delicious caramel swirls and pieces of salty-sweet, ooey-gooey, chewy blondies throughout. To add to the magic, we sweeten this ice cream with only coconut sugar and maple syrup and elevate it with vegan collagen from Moon Juice, for the extra-special boost of radiant, glowing skin. Super beauty in every bite!

Ingredients: Coconut milk* (coconuts, water), coconut sugar*, dry roasted unblanched almonds, cocoa butter*, gluten-free oats*, coconut oil, sea salt*, nutritional yeast. Collagen Protect™ : rice bran solubles, tremella mushroom powder*, sodium hyaluronate. Caramel: coconut sugar*, maple syrup*, soy-free earth balance (vegetable oil blend, water, salt, contains less than 2% of natural flavor, sunflower lecithin, lactic acid, annatto extract), coconut milk*, sea salt*, vanilla extract. Blondie: gluten-free oat flour, almond flour, tapioca flour, safflower oil, coconut sugar*, flax meal, baking powder, sea salt*, vanilla extract. 

Chocolate Almond Supercup Introducing the Supercup - a mouthwatering combination of chocolate and almond butter to create an alternatively sweetened, fresh take on the famous nut butter cup we all know and love. A creamy, maple-syrup chocolate ice cream is studded with chunks of super rich dark chocolate almond butter cups. Made extra magical with chaga, an antioxidant-rich superfood, and medjool dates, coconut sugar, and just the right amount of sea salt, this one is super nourishing, super special, and sure to become a new January classic.

Ingredients: Coconut milk* (coconuts, water), coconut sugar*, cocoa powder, cocoa butter*, maple syrup*, gluten-free oats*, coconut oil*, sea salt*, nutritional yeast. Almond Butter Cup: almond butter*, coconut oil*, cocoa powder, maple syrup, medjool date paste*, coconut sugar*, sea salt*, vanilla extract, chaga.

Tahini Banana Superchunk Bananas are one of the OG superfoods - a source of superhuman energy, a nutritional powerhouse, and a shining superstar of wholesome, naturally sweet treats. An ultra-creamy, out of this world tahini banana ice cream is blended with chunks of the most decadent, chewy, delicious maca-walnut chocolate cookies throughout, and swirled with thick, gooey chocolate sauce. This is the nuttiest, chunkiest, super-loaded concoction of deliciousness we’ve ever created - a banana lover's dream, with an elevated, adaptogenic superfood boost.

Ingredients: Coconut milk* (coconuts, water), cane sugar*, banana purée, cocoa butter*, coconut oil*, gluten-free oats*, tahini, sea salt*, nutritional yeast. Walnut Chocolate Cookie: gluten-free oat flour*, dark brown sugar*, 70% chocolate, soy-free earth balance (vegetable oil blend, water, salt, contains less than 2% of natural flavor, sunflower lecithin, lactic acid, annatto extract), almond flour, cane sugar*, walnuts, apple sauce, coconut milk* (coconuts, water), vanilla extract, baking powder, sea salt, baking soda, maca. Chocolate Sauce: cocoa powder*, cane sugar*, sea salt*, vanilla extract, lemon juice.

Available today in our scoop shops until January 31st.


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