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Say hello to POG, for wildfire relief.


Say hello to POG, a flavor near and dear to our hearts.

We believe that within Frankie & Jo’s, our Seattle community, and beyond, we are all one big family, so we decided to create this super special and incredibly delicious flavor to do some good. 100% of the profits of POG will go directly to the GoFundMe accounts of families impacted by the fires in Lahaina, a sacred land we know and love.

POG (or passion, orange, guava), is a beloved tropical drink created in the 1970’s in Maui, Hawaii, and has come to signify the islands for both visitors and locals alike. This super creamy passion-orange-guava sherbet is swirled with luscious guava and passionfruit puree for a bright, tangy, and delicious flavor made with extra heart. Available NOW (scoops only) for a super-limited time in our Seattle shops, come and try this dreamy flavor for a great cause.


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