Say Hello to Festivity - December Flavors are Here

December is one of our favorite times, and as we approach the end of another year we can’t help but feel nostalgic, reflective, and grateful for the winter season and all it brings. This month, we reintroduce beloved favorites of the past while sprinkling in some new holiday magic.  These are delicious, heartwarming flavors meant to be shared over a crackling fire, and inspired by cozy traditions and cherished taste memories - a cup of creamy hot cocoa with marshmallows, a spiced annual treat, and a symbolic, decadent cake - transporting you to a space of nourishing, festive, wintertime joy.

We are also offering our customers an additional gift this month, especially for the holidays - instead of only our 3 in-shop seasonal flavors, we are also having a 4th bonus flavor - Miyoko's Butter Toffee & Chocolate - available in-shops and shipping NATIONWIDE all December long, for our customers outside of Seattle.  We cannot wait to share this holiday season with you - cheers!

White Chocolate Peppermint

Inspired by memories of creamy hot cocoa on a crisp winter day, this ice cream is magical, comforting, and near and dear to our hearts. Rich and velvety white chocolate from Theo Chocolate and cooling, bright peppermint ice cream is swirled with delicate clouds of pink marshmallow fluff, and finished with our irresistibly chewy and chocolatey peppermint cookie dough bites. This flavor has become a December Frankie & Jo’s classic, year after year.

Cookies & Oatnog

There are few desserts more nostalgic than ‘nog - cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar, spice, and everything nice. Cozy, familiar holiday spices are infused into our ultra-creamy oat and coconut milk base, which is then blended with chunks of the most delicious, chewy ginger molasses cookies to create a singular, irresistible ice cream that will become your new holiday tradition.  This is Cookies & Oatnog, done the Frankie & Jo's way - festive, heartwarming, and utterly delicious.

Winter Solstice Cake

Winter brings about merriment and light, but it's also a chance to turn inward, re-connect, and look forward. During the winter solstice, the sun travels the shortest path through the sky, giving us the longest night of the year and the official beginning to the winter season. Inspired by solstice traditions around a warm yule log fire, we created a luscious, creamy chocolate ice cream with swirls of rich caramel buttercream and perfectly fluffy pieces of classic swiss roll chocolate cake. Elevated with chaga mushrooms and sweetened entirely with coconut sugar, this flavor reminds us of a dark, cozy night, filled with pure winter solstice magic.  

Miyoko’s Butter Toffee & Chocolate 

This month, we are bringing back one of our most customer-beloved flavors - Miyoko's Butter Toffee & Chocolate! This indulgent, creamy, salty caramel ice cream with dark chocolate-dipped, bite-sized butter toffee bars swirled throughout is made in partnership with Miyoko’s, using their cultured vegan butter to get a flavor like no other.  This one takes us back to the nostalgia of childhood, while creating a better path forward - we are proud to share our vision with Miyoko’s Creamery of reducing our dependence on animals for our food, our traditions, and our daily lives.


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