Say hello to cozy - November Flavors are here.

As we fully settle into the rhythms of autumn, we can’t help but notice all the changes this time brings - our pace becomes luxuriously slower, our regular rituals and routines feel a bit more comforting, and the simplicity of shared celebrations becomes noticeably more cherished. 

This month, we’ve created flavors that embody the magic of home. Our November lineup is all about transporting you to the inside of a warm kitchen, the feeling of being wrapped in your favorite fall sweater, and relishing in that precious time spent sharing and strengthening bonds with your people. 

Cardamom Caramel

This is a flavor our Founder, Autumn, has been making for years, rooted in her time at Theo Chocolate. The combination of a dry-burnt caramel and fragrant cardamom is the epitome of November coziness, so luxurious and warm it feels just like a hug from your softest sweater - wholly enveloped in comfort, in both color and multi-dimensions of flavor.

A creamy, smooth, salty caramel ice cream base is blended with the most buttery, rich dry burnt caramel, and made ultra-complex with the herbal, spicy infusion of cardamom throughout. Finished off with an extra touch of sea salt, this flavor will wrap you in deliciousness.


Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

In the Pacific Northwest, our Novembers can be quite gray, so we love the feeling of bringing some brightness into our season of comfy cozy. When we imagine a perfect autumn day, it’s not complete without baking something just because - and we can’t think of a better ray of light than the classic Pineapple Upside-Down Cake.

We start with a base of tart pineapple-infused coconut ice cream dotted with plenty of fluffy, golden vanilla cake pieces, and then we swirl in the most gooey, dark sweet cherry ginger jam. This is an ice cream made for reminiscing, and brightening up a table filled with friends and family - a pineapple upside-down daydream, just because.


Sunday Morning 

Certain days hold certain types of energy, and for us, Sunday mornings are a special time for the art of homemaking and quiet domesticity - baking, laundry, turning the beds, reading, and slowly savoring that first cup of a warm liquid ritual.

We all know the PSL (pumpkin spice latte), and we were inspired to recreate the cult-following drink, but without refined cane sugar - and, without coffee. This flavor is rooted in a rich, smooth coconut-oat pumpkin base, infused with spices and chicory - an earthy, nutty, coffee alternative which not only holds digestive and prebiotic properties, but creates a depth of warmth like none other. This coconut sugar-sweetened ice cream is finished with crumbles of moist seeded pumpkin bread folded throughout, for a truly delicious Sunday Morning moment.


All 3 flavors available now, until 12.6 in our Seattle scoop shops.


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