PIE MONTH is here!


PIE MONTH IS HERE!  November is a time of celebrations, comfort, and coziness, and often, we find ourselves craving classic flavors. One of our favorite desserts of all time has to be the pie - versatile, imaginative, celebratory, yet also so traditional and homey, pies are a treat that endlessly inspire us to push our creativity, utilize gorgeous fruits and veggies, and have fun - so this month, we honor the almighty pie, with three flavors embodying our favorite pies of all-time (which was very, very hard to choose). 

Let our November lineup transport you to the inside of a warm kitchen with your favorite pie in the oven, ready to be shared over a big table with your people.  Cheers to pie month!

Pumpkin Pie There are few foods as iconic as the pumpkin pie - it's orange-golden hue, its warming smell of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, and its history of celebration and harvest, evoking a sense of family, community, and gratitude each November - we knew we just had to make the pumpkin pie flavor of our dreams this month. This flavor is rooted in a rich, smooth coconut-oat pumpkin base, infused with spices and the most perfectly baked pie crust studded throughout - an earthy, nutty, warming flavor like none other, that so many of us know by heart. 

Cardamom Apple Pie Harvest season - apples have fallen from trees, and are being made into all of the things. One of our most favorite ways to enjoy organic local apples is in pie form, laced with fragrant, citrusy cardamom. To the crust, we have added pungent fresh rosemary, a scent and flavor that brings us back to a season of gathering with friends and family in gratitude. This amazing ice cream has a cardamom-scented apple base with a sticky swirl of apple pie filling, and crumbly flaky pieces of rosemary pie crust throughout. Apple pie ice cream for dessert and breakfast ;)

Chocolate Pecan Pie This is no regular pie - welcome to one of the most decadent flavors we have ever created. A creamy, smooth, indulgent chocolate ice cream base is blended with the most gooey swirls of warming pecan-butterscoth pie filling and perfectly baked pie crust pieces throughout. Finished off with even more chocolate and an extra touch of sea salt, this is a fudgy, chewy, delectable cross between the most delicious pecan pie ever, and deep, rich, velvety chocolate fudge to steal the show. A flavor made for a celebratory table - and guaranteed memories (and cravings!) for years to come.



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