Our New Zero Waste Shipping Program

Since becoming a B-Corp (benefit corporation), 

we have analyzed every part of our business and its impact on our earth. After months of research and testing, we have finally found a more sustainable and earth-friendly way to ship our ice cream. We are proud to get rid of using styrofoam and plastic tape (to name a couple), both terrible for the earth. We are confident the compostable and recyclable material we are now using will keep your ice cream frozen all the way to your doorstep, and you can feel good about skipping the trash bin after your pints are safe in your freezer.


First things first, we had to move away from styrofoam coolers (even though they are the best for keeping ice cream super frozen) as styrofoam has such a negative impact on the environment. We now use a curbside recyclable and compostable (including the poly film around it) cooler made from 100% post-consumer plant starch. Fun fact, it also dissolves under running water.


Next, all of our pints and lids are recyclable. Everything else inside the box is also recyclable.  


Our shipping box is made with a 56% post-consumer recycled material that is printed with water-based, non-toxic inks and even the shipping labels on the box are compostable. Last but not least, it is sealed with recyclable hello sunshine tape. We repeat, the tape is recyclable. 


Being a mindful business means digging deep to find the ways we can do better, and then do better. We are grateful you are right here with us for this journey.






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