October Flavors

Think warm apple crisp, the gooiest caramel corn, and the best feeling ever of warming by a smokey fire. Welcome, autumn.


ALL THE TREES: Apples, pecans, bay, coconut, and cacao are all the trees represented in this ice cream. We make a rich house-made apple butter and swirl buttery pecan shortbread cookies throughout this bay leaf ice cream to perfectly *encapsulate autumn* in a scoop.
HEIRLOOM BLACK POPCORN: We pop non-gmo Washington heirloom black popcorn and add it to our cashew and coconut milk base. fold in a beautiful golden dry burned caramel sauce and you have an ice cream that tastes *just* like the gooey and chewy caramel corn we all know and love.
SMOKED FIG LEAF & CHOCOLATE: We cold-smoke fresh fig leaves for eight hours and then steep them in our coconut and cashew milk base. then we melt smoked chocolate into the base, candy oregon hazelnuts for added crunch, and swirl in a fig-balsamic caramel for a tangy yet extremely decadent ice cream!



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