November Flavors

Take a deep breath. Feel the crisp autumn air in your lungs and release an exhale full of gratitude. 

November is always a month dedicated to thankfulness and celebration here at Frankie & Jo’s. Especially after what this year has brought us, and as we approach our fourth birthday, we are over the moon of how our plant magic community has continued to support our mission to radically shift the way you think about ice cream. So, these flavors are dedicated to you and packed full of seasonal traditions, gooey swirls, and delicious baked goods. 

All The Squash: An ultra-creamy squash ice cream made with organic kabocha squash from Inaba Farms located in Wapato, Washington. Folded with chewy pieces of house-made spiced pepita blondies, this scoop that will satisfy all your pumpkin cravings.
Cardamom Caramel: This sweet and buttery caramel ice cream complimented by the piney, fruity notes of cardamom will take your taste buds on a magical journey. Enjoy a scoop in a cone or a top your favorite holiday dessert. 
Chocolate Pecan Pie: Pie and ice cream, a glorious pairing. With this indulgent chocolate ice cream we did the work for you. Gooey swirls of pecan pie-filling and perfectly baked salty pie crust are added to a creamy chocolate coconut oat ice cream. Your new favorite way to do dessert.

Available today through December 1 in our scoop shops and online. 


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