May Flavors are here!

Year after year, May is our time to celebrate Mexican heritage with an entire seasonal flavor lineup inspired by the culture, foods, and traditions of the beautiful country of Mexico. This month, we are thrilled to collaborate with one of our favorite Mexican-American food brands, we continue our long-standing partnership with a woman-owned vanilla farm, and we take you on a journey honoring and exploring all of the amazing flavors, values, and magic Mexico has brought us all.

Siete’s Carlota de Limón: The perfect blend of sweet and tangy, this delicious Limón con Galletas collaboration with our friends at Siete takes us back to classic key lime pie, or key lime icebox cake on a hot summer day. Founded by a third generation Mexican-American family from Laredo, Texas, Siete is a maker we love, offering incredibly delicious foods with clean ingredients and a “Juntos es Mejor” philosophy. Together, we created a super-citrusy, tangy, and mind-blowing key lime coconut ice cream, studded with Siete’s famous Grain Free Mexican Wedding Cookies and a marshmallow fluff swirl throughout.  Expertly crafted by both of our dream teams, you’ll love this incredible collaboration—and the memories to which it transports you.

Veracruz Vanilla: Veracruz Vanilla is a flavor near and dear to our hearts, inspired by the artful, delicate process of growing and harvesting vanilla. Gaya Farms, a beloved woman-owned farm in Veracruz, Mexico, has been our partner for years.  To display the true beauty of vanilla, which originated in Mexico, we created an ultra-creamy coconut-oat ice cream base using both vanilla beans and vanilla extract, swirled with a luxurious vanilla caramel and chunks of chewy, delicious brown sugar blondie throughout. Celebrating vanilla’s native country and the farms that produce it, this is truly a vanilla lover’s dream.

Mexico Morning: Mexico Morning is a fan favorite, year after year. Some of the most beautiful coffee beans in the world are grown in Mexico, and as a country with incredibly rich soil and biodiverse ecosystems, Mexican coffee is known for its dry, delicate, and gentle fruity flavor. We steep Canyon Coffee beans and true Mexican cinnamon sticks into our coconut-oat base for a smooth, roasty, decadent ice cream, finished with swirls of mouthwatering dulce de leche and gems of crumbly almond shortbread cookie throughout. Let this flavor transport you to a walk on the beach, or watching the sunrise in the zócalo - the most beautiful, delicious Mexico Morning.

All 3 flavors are available NOW in our Seattle scoop shops, and shipping nationwide


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