March Flavors

As the Spring Equinox approaches,

and the days get longer, we can help but anticipate the energy of a new season. We honor this awakening by having our flavors offer a touch of vibrancy. With the use of seasonal fruits and vegetables like fresh mint, jewel-toned rhubarb, and tart juicy lemon, we cannot wait to celebrate brighter days with you. 



LEMON CHIA SEED: We collaborated on this seasonal with Brightland - a woman-owned olive oil company out of California. This is our take on lemon poppyseed cake. Creamy, sunshiney yellow lemon ice cream is swirled with grassy olive oil. Speckled throughout are pieces of our zesty lemon chia seed cake and swirls of extra chia seeds for that added magic. 

MINT COOKIE CRUNCH: A flavor that embodies the harmony of fresh Spring produces with rich, winter indulgences. A creamy oat and coconut milk ice cream is blended with mint leaves from Shenandoah Farms and swirled with gooey chocolate sauce & crunchy magic shell. We finish it with bite-sized pieces of chocolate cookie crisps that are baked to perfection. 

RHUBARB YUZU YOGURT: Celebrating the first fruits of spring with this F&J favorite! We roast stalks of flavorful Sterino Farms rhubarb and blend them with our own house-fermented coconut yogurt and fresh yuzu citrus juice to create a tangy, silky-smooth frozen yogurt.

All three flavors are available now through April 6th. Pre-order a scoop or pint and pick up in store or order it to be delivered to your door. 


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