March Flavors

Hello, March!

A month in which the winter chill is melting away and the anticipation of longer days and new growth can’t come soon enough. Our flavors this month were created with this ebb & flow in mind showcasing the creamy, indulgent yet light and vibrant flavors of springtime.



Banana Chip: Feel refreshed with this scoop of sunshine. Sweetened only with maple syrup and coconut sugar, this luscious banana ice cream is made with coconut and cashew milk and swirled with our crunchy chocolate magic shell. A bit of sweetness & crunch in every bite. 

Mint Cookie Crunch: What is a better way to celebrate this transition from winter to spring than a decadent gooey, chocolatey, fresh mint ice cream?! This cashew and coconut milk ice cream is blended with fresh mint leaves, swirled with rich chocolate sauce, and finished with chocolate cookie crisps that are baked to perfection.

Rhubarb Yuzu Yogurt: Ridiculously creamy house-made fermented coconut yogurt is the star of this ice cream. The yogurt is blended with roasted bright pink stalks of rhubarb and tangy fresh yuzu juice. We can’t think of a better way to welcome lighter and longer days.

All flavors are available in our Seattle ice cream scoop shops and online for nationwide delivery, today through March 31.


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