Magic Sandwiches, Now Shipping Nationwide!

You asked, and we listened - we are now shipping our beloved Magic Sandwiches, nationwide! Additionally, our shipping boxes (which are ALWAYS fully recyclable and contain only compostable packing), now fit 6 pints, instead of 4. That’s right - flat rate shipping now applies to packs of 6 (ice cream sandwiches fit in there, too!).  

We are so honored every time a customer chooses to order our ice cream, and we get to deliver straight to your doorstep with lots of dry ice, careful handling, and love. Shipping ice cream is delicate, and our new program of allowing up to 6 pints per flat rate box is the most sustainable, budget-friendly, and cost effective solution - more ice cream, less cost, and less packaging! 

We continually analyze every part of our business and its impact on our earth, and we are always committed to using compostable and recyclable materials to keep your ice cream frozen and fresh. Being a mindful, transparent business means digging deep and finding the ways to do better, and our shipping program is no exception. We can’t wait to share the most magical ice cream with you, wherever you may be - enjoy.


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