3 reasons You Should Eat Our Date-Sweetened Ice Creams



We are obsessed with these little wrinkly gems packed with sweetness - so much so that we sent our management team down to Thermal, California to pick their own dates. Grown down in the sandy deserts of California at the Jewel Date Company, the dates are actually the fruit of the date palm tree. And believe it or not, people still pick every single date by hand! Harvested usually from September to November, the dates are collected by using bags and then literally shaken off the tree by the farmers. Watch this little video for a glimpse of our co-founder, Autumn Martin learning the process of harvesting dates first hand! 


 Dates come in numerous varieties but in our two naturally-sweetened ice creams (yes, we have those!) our date of choice is the Medjool. Due to its intense sweet flavor and perfect texture medjool dates create a super creamy and satisfying ice cream.  The two flavors we have year round are Chocolate Date, a chocolate coconut milk ice cream sweetened only using dates, and Date Shake, a vanilla ice cream sweetened using maple syrup in addition to the dates. We take *huge* pride in these flavors, let us tell you why.
  1. They are the perfect alternative sweetener for ice cream. Trust us, you won’t even know the difference.
  2. Date sweetened plant-based ice creams are extremely rare.
  3. Your body will thank you afterward for choosing a sugar that is extremely rich in nutrients and in moderation, a smart choice.     

PRO TIP: We highly recommend the “double date” for your next visit. AKA a scoop of each on a cone. 



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