Late Summer in the Pacific Northwest - September Seasonals are here!

September is a truly magical time in the Pacific Northwest - the nights are cooling off, the days are getting a little shorter, and nature is undergoing its last burst of growth before harvest time. This month, we’ve created flavors inspired by the abundance of sun-ripened produce at its absolute peak, the undeniable natural beauty of our surroundings, and the impending feelings of change on the horizon.


Mountain Berry Magic: The forests of our native Pacific Northwest are home to several species of wild berries, such as the huckleberry and the saskatoon - while closely related to cultivated blueberries, these vibrant, tangy, and unbelievably sweet treats hold a truly special heart place in our region. Known for their short season (and, their need to be hand-picked from secret stashes on mountainsides or coastal shores), mountain berries are the quintessential marking of late summer, so we set out to create a flavor worthy of the legends surrounding these beautiful fruits. A striking, bright purple huckleberry ice cream swirled with gooey huckleberry and saskatoon jam and golden, crumbly pie crust throughout, Mountain Berry Magic is totally unique yet familiar, perfectly creamy yet refreshing, and reflective of the magic you can only find while up in the mountains. 

Summer Harvest Cake: There are so many reasons to celebrate throughout the summer, so we thought a summer harvest cake would be a festive, delicious way to wrap up the season. Alternatively sweetened with coconut sugar and maple syrup, we created a roasted cashew and coconut base that sings with complexity and depth, and layered in chunks of the most moist, fudgy chocolate cake, created with an unexpected late summer staple - the eggplant!  Not only does this beautiful veggie offer a host of health benefits, it creates a distinctive, absolutely delicious and tender cake unlike anything else.  Summer is a state of mind, and this is a pure celebration of seasonal flavor.

Apricorn: There is nothing that speaks truer to the feeling of late summer than a perfectly ripe stone fruit or an ear of bright, beautiful corn, so we thought - why not both?  Enter, Apricorn! We created an unbelievably creamy sweet corn and coconut milk ice cream swirled with the brightest, punchiest apricot sorbet, made from summer’s last precious stone fruits. This flavor is light, playful and dreamy, and perfect to reminisce on the joyous feeling of a warm, comforting day. 


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