June Flavors are Here!

Summer is here, and we invite you to come along as we embark on new adventures, and realize some long awaited dreams. There is so much to celebrate starting off this season - we are opening our first EVER shop in California, we are preparing for other major shifts (coming soon!), and we kick off our Summer Event Series, hitting the road and bringing you F&J magic all along the West Coast. We are surrounded by love, growth, and inspiration, and it reminds us of that indescribable feeling of standing on the edge of summer - nothing but excitement ahead. To honor this expansive time, we find grounding in the classics that inspired our journey and made us fall in love with ice cream. We know you’re going to love these delicious creations as much as we do - enjoy.

Blue Star Coffee

We can’t think of anything more timeless than creamy, pure coffee bean ice cream. In collaboration with our friends at Blue Star Coffee, we created a gorgeous flavor that celebrates small batch coffee and summers spent in the Pacific Northwest. Based in the Methow Valley, a deeply beautiful and wild part of Washington state, Blue Star roasts their Highway 20 house blend to deliver an aromatic, hearty, smooth and consistent cup. We took this amazing coffee and steeped it in our classic coconut-oat blend, and rounded out the gorgeous, chocolatey flavor notes with a touch of cocoa. Unfussy, invigorating, and delicious, this is the flavor to kick off a summertime adventure.

Vanilla Caramel Cone 

This flavor is all the things we love in a classic treat - crunchy, fresh waffle cones, creamy folds of ice cream, and the undeniably delicious combo of caramel and chocolate. Our luxurious, velvety base is folded with house-made, chocolate-covered waffle cone pieces, and finished with gooey ribbons of coconut caramel throughout. Unforgettable, indulgent, and hitting all the right notes of familiar yet unexpected, Vanilla Caramel Cone is all we want in a summertime treat.

Mango Sorbet Swirl 

When the weather heats up, we start daydreaming of biting into a juicy creamsicle. Mango Sorbet Swirl is our grown-up take on the nostalgic fruit and cream pairing we all know and love, with a sophisticated, tropical twist. We blended tangy mangoes into a gorgeous, bright, and delicious sorbet, then swirl it with clouds of ultra-rich vanilla bean ice cream. The result is pure magic - a vibrant ray of summer sunshine.

Available NOW in all of our scoop shops, and shipping nationwide.



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